Thursday, September 08, 2005

room cleaning continues!

i wish i had my camera today. yesterday we moved all the crap over all the desks into two boxes, and tucked those boxes away. it was a big start! but today we did perhaps an even bigger thing: rid the room of a lot of its dust. i took two swiffers to school today, and i will hopefully post an image of the dust-riddled swiffers, along with the dust-free desks. it was really cathartic.

lorenzo, tired of the cold, decided to obstruct the air conditioning with cardboard. it seems to be a good idea -- things are warming up. you'd think that the soda hall staff would know how to warm things up using more standard measures though.

the goal tomorrow, if i go into school, is to wipe down the desks and maybe get some new light bulbs for the lights -- half of them are burnt out. slowly we're making a room where it would be somewhat pleasant to complete a problem set.


Neha said...

i can't imagine that would EVER be a nice place to work. no natural light! you should get those full-spectrum bulbs.

omar said...

yes i was thinking of getting some lamps. i want somewhere where my fellow grad students and i can come together and work on problems -- we can make that room into that space, i believe.


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