Friday, September 30, 2005

My Idea about Clothing

nikhil says i should post more on my blog. fine nikhil, i'll reveal all my crazy wacky ideas and thoughts...

so i had this idea while buying clothes. very often, men don't want to buy clothes (this holds for some women too, but i think for more men). they do it because they need to update their wardrobe, their partner wants them to, etc..

however, the process of buying clothes is tedious, boring, costly, and somewhat of a crapshoot -- the clothes you get might look good at the store, but are a pain when you get home. but what can you do, there are few other ways of buying clothes... (i know someone will say "the web" but i don't think the web is good enough yet for this)

what i want: a service where you pay a certain amount each month, and they build for you a custom clothesline, suited to your size needs, your preferences, your tastes. you want to be a bit hip? grungy? want to just be in style, but don't really care what they send you? we can do that..

the idea is that you send this service your measurements, a bit about yourself, and periodically they send you outfits (or particular clothes you want) which you try on, hopefully like, and wear. no going to the mall, no clothes torture. sure, this won't be perfect, but i actually conjecture that for a large part of the mall-going, clothes buying population, this will actually be better in many ways: the buyer avoids the torture of going shopping, they get probably better looking clothes than they would otherwise, etc..

is this possible now? well, ideas like this have been tried (here's an example), but usually at a much higher end. you can get a personal shopper if you're rich. but i'm not trying to appeal to that crowd, neccessarily. i want to help people who don't want to go through the process, but want to look good!

anyway this is my quick first draft of this idea. hit me with your feleings, thoughts, comments!


N said...

This is a great idea! I have problems buying shirts because I have wider shoulders than most women (either that or a narrower waist). All of my shirts have a wrinkle at the back of my waist.

I've found over time that particular clothes look good for my body type (halter tops, strapless dresses), and others look horrible (jeans, cap sleeves). So I would love to get the "good" clothes sent to me, instead of having to hunt for them through store after store.

seema said...

i hate shopping in general.

well, i used to like it but now i hate clothes shoppping b.c i only go when i need things and then u can't find anything and then i'll buy something and never ever wear it.

although i took mom to old navy a couple weeks ago and got a lot of stuff. and then i showed jeff and he booed some stuff and somethings didn't really fit well, so then i went back and returned stuff. and bought more!!

i think i'd LOVE the idea of being sent good clothes, but since it won't happen at a reasonable price, i think the best thing is to put it off as long as possible and then take your mom. or some other handy person - NOT your partner, unless u have a girl partner b.c women are tolerant and men arent.

can u tell i'm fasting and that's why i'm typing so much so as not to notice the hunger!

shawnkhan said...

well, this idea for shopping is generally crazy, but since everyone has to shop then why not try this out.. Can't hurt to shop online, but reasons why the shops are still there is that people can try them on before buying.

I like the idea of shopping online as I don't care to try things on.. Never bought clothes online before, but I see the advantage of doing this.. Just not as simple as buying music, so breaking into this market is much harder.

No one has one style they stick to for everything they wear do they? Well I don't for sure, and having the ability to mix and match styles would be nice.

Only lose is ending up with the wrong clothes, and not being able to switch them.

bea said...

It's an interesting idea, but I mean, personal shoppers do that, right? So your idea is essentially a personal shopper that would work online and instead of working with a small base, say 50, they work with 500? But where does individuality fit in? I mean, personal shoppers also take into account one's taste--it would only work if you (the customer) were classified into a particular "type", and then in trying to service the most amount of people possible, everyone would pretty much be wearing the same clothes. It is very hard for one person to decide what 500 people should wear, unless there is a lot of duplication and automation involved.

Most department stores have personal shoppers and actually are free---they get commissions off of the clothes you decide to buy, so it's not exactly's when you walk into Selfridges that it's a problem...

Btw, got a new job at Asia de Cuba here in London and I LOVE IT.


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