Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Filling in the bubbles...

this is great! taken from BoingBoing:

Ji Lee printed 50,000 of these speech bubble stickers and stuck them on "movie posters, ads and signs all over New York City," and then went back and took photos of what people wrote.


Neha said...

omar, some spammer found your site. you should turn on that picture thing.

by the way, i heard about the speech bubbles weeks ago! you should read my bloglines :)

omar said...

i know about the spammers, but i don't watnt to turn on capchas or however you spell them because i feel like that's an annoying barrier to commenting.

oh you knew about that a while ago eh? hmph! well, i'm fine if it takes me a little time.

Q said...

why do you guys comment on each other's blogs? don't yall see/talk to each other everyday?

omar said...

because context is important, and when you're reading the blog that's a good time to comment.

plus we're nerds.

Q said...

that's crazy talk! neha's not a nerd.


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