Monday, September 05, 2005


i went to mendocino for labor day weekend. it was very relaxing and we did a lot. four of us went up together: neha and i, and niniane and peter. we all stayed in the same bed and breakfast, the white gate inn. the white gate had great breakfast in the morning (first day we had apple french toast, the second day we had a great frittata). we also drank lots of wine and had some good cheese during the 5-6 happy hour.

our room was named spring meadow (there was also garden path, daisy, etc..) . it was a tad strange: the ceiling was slanted, so that in one corner i had to duck quite low or risk banging my head. but other than that, it was a quaint room, nothing special.

the town of mendocino, on the other hand, was very special. positioned right on bluffs above the pacific ocean, we had a remarkable view from almost anywhere in town. everything was slow and peaceful in town except the fire alarm/tsunami warning system. it seemed to go off quite regularly, and was this awful siren that pierced you down to the core. that siren must be awful for weddings.

neha got sick on saturday night and didn't feel that well on sunday or monday, but we still had a great time. we just had to take things a bit easier.

anyway, i recommend mendocino for anyone who wants to relax, and doesn't mind the occasional mind-splitting siren.

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N said...

Yes it was so much fun!


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