Monday, September 26, 2005

Boring, over my head Talk

i went to a boring and what-felt-like-hours dissertation talk today. if i knew more about the subject, i'm sure it would've been thrilling, but given my knowledge, and the speed at which the speaker spoke, i actually lost my way and almost hit my head 3 times as i nodded in and out of consciousness.

this got me thinking -- i wanted to leave, but i couldn't, because it might've been taken as insulting. i wish a bubble could've popped up over my head for all to read: "He's Leaving Cause He's an Idiot" ... they all would've chuckled and life would go on.

Here's is a mock-up of what i want:

1 comment:

seema said...

omar - i love ur self portrait. especially the hair.
can u draw one of me?


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