Tuesday, October 11, 2005

franz ferdinand concert

neha and i went to the franz ferdinand concert a week ago at the bill graham auditorium in san francisco. the place had a lot of people, but it wasn't super-packed, as i expected it would be. i guess franz ferdinand isn't THAT popular.

anyway, i liked the lighting effects and their presentation, but i didn't like the songs. i like the first franz ferdinand CD so much, and how they do it on the CD is just sooo good, that i couldn't really dig their variations in the concert. maybe the acoustics weren't the greatest either. but i wanted better from them! as for their news songs, they sounded interesting, but nothing was too compelling. however, i think i need to listen to the studio-recorded stuff because of the vibe i got with songs that i really liked already.

i wish franz ferdinand, and more bands in general, would let their shows go on the internet archive.

neha and i also sat in the handicap/old people area because of neha's injured ankle, which might've played a role in my feelings.

but i did have fun, i just wanted more!

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shawnkhan said...

franz ferdinand is so popular here in Canada.. They are coming to Muchmusic, and are going to draw a huge crowd.. Their music isn't as good as the first album but still so different then all the other music out there..