Thursday, October 20, 2005

donating blood

there was a blood drive in my building today, so i decided to give. i should really give more -- i have O- blood (if that's wrong, then the main point is that i have the universal donor blood) which is always needed.

i thought this would be easy, and things were going smoothly until the needle went in. after they got a bit of blood, the nurse noticed that the flow had slowed (or stopped) and so she fiddled a bit with the needle. at that point, blood exploded out of my arm, going everywhere. as you can imagine, i was really freaked out, and she was asking for help, so that didn't sound good either.

the result: they got very little blood from me, and quite a bit more went in the garbage. i guess i'll try again next time.


seema said...

omar - i LOVE your picture! if u prick me i bleed - haha!

anyway, they never let me give blood b.c i've been in england in the past how many years, and i also had too low iron.

maybe i should try again.

Q said...

such a work of art. omi u remind me of the russell crowe character in a beautiful mind.

omar said...

i'm building up an omar-picture theme. from now on all my compositions will be built in mspaint, and anything involving me will be a slight modificaion on the omar stick figure character. :)