Sunday, October 16, 2005

encountering famous (?) people

yesterday while i was crawling the litcrawl (see my previous post) i walked past josh kornbluth. he's a pretty well-known monologist (sp?) and now talk-showish host on kqed tv. i started tivoing his show after i heard a great kqed forum podcast with him (you can find the mp3 here).

as i was walking past, i wanted to give him a quick hello and tell him i liked his show, and hope he would stick with it and keep chatting with interesting guests. i also wanted to tell him that i like his starting dialogues in the show, but his hands move so much that i get distracted.

however! i didn't say any of this because i became a little fearful. isn't that odd? maybe he'll read this post one day.. :)


bea said...

Remind me to tell you about my brush with Al Franken--it's similar to yours but it involves two chance meetings, me jumping up in down in pajamas outside the function room of the Mayflower Hotel, and me strangling another high schooler for not warning me about something sooner.

At my first interview with Asia de Cuba, Gene Simmons from Kiss was having lunch at the table diagonally to where I was being questioned by the head chef and head pastry chef.

I don't know what I could have said though, and he didn't have the makeup on...

omar said...


so i emailed josh kornbluth and sent him the link to my blog post, with the hope that he might look.


how could you tell it was gene simmons if there was no makeup?

Neha said...

omar, josh kornbluth has a shiny forehead.

bea said...

Well I didn't really recognize him--the head chef pointed him out to me--eh, he looks the same, just big lips and balding. :)

And then Jordan comes in and eats---that I just don't understand. How does someone become that famous just because they have huge boobs? I mean, at least Pamela Anderson 'acts' you know?

Personally I think it stems from a British inferiority complex--they don't have enough veritable celebrities that they have to make up some...

seema said...

omar, i have no idea who josh korn dude is.

but i shook damon albarns hand and touched graham coxon's elbow - so there.