Monday, December 31, 2007

omar, circa grade 1

while digging through old boxes at my parents' home, i found this classic depiction of the four season by your's truly, circa grade 1. notice my lack of drawing talent. and what exactly is fall? a green circle? notice that the missing season, summer, is really "yellow" to me.

i've also interpreted what i meant in the final paragraph. it says: "i like fall because i can jop in the leaves" where "jop" i believe equals "jump." anyway, a fun stroll down memory lane.
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neha said...

awww. little omar! i think that green circle is a leaf -- but what is that red thing under spring? a flower?

omar said...

knowing me like i do, that's a flower!

Grant said...

Knowing you like I do, that's a glass of wine!