Tuesday, December 18, 2007

british hoodlums, 1892

search for british hoodlum on google and look at the first result (i know this result will change.. but here's how it is circa dec 18,2007). what rubbish! the nytimes' historic content is jumping to the top, riding the nytimes pagerank, but it's quite irrelevant.

that being said, the result, an article from 1892 on cheerful british hoodlums savagely beating innocent moslem's in liverpool is an interesting, if sad, historic read. i never really thought about the muslim population in england in the 19th century. that must've been tough (well, the article shows that clearly it was). anyway, here's one quote:
The matter has been reported to the police authorities here and also to the Ottoman Embassy in London. The representatives of the latter have expressed great indignation that the unoffending Moslems in Liverpool should be subjected to such savagery, and it is hoped that the brutal fellows who have perpetrated these outrages will be apprehended and meet with the punishment they so richly deserve.
woo. that's a sentence! you'll not see something like that in today's new york times.


Grant said...

Well, now your blog is the #2 result.

When I am away from my computer and looking for time to kill I often try to find your blog, but it is not always easy. Now I can just type "british hoodlum" into Google. Score.


omar said...

ha well i'm doing my part to make google more irrelevant it seems!

wow that was a quick update to the results.