Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cooking in Toronto

while in toronto, i decided that i needed to become a better cook of indian food. so i enlisted my dad and mom to show me the ropes. i prepared three dishes: chick peas, lentils (soft), and mixed rice. it was quite an ordeal! but i learned a lot by trying to keep track of my dad's intuitive movements, and the choice of spices. i'll post recipes one of these days, but i just wanted to post some pictures up here as well.

here are all the spices that we used:

the wine was stricly consumed to keep me sane during the process:

glamor shot with me and the food:

another one

and here are the happy people eating the good food:

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winky said...

HAHA! This is great. Thanks for making the food the other day - it was very tasty. Especially the biryani! Yum!!!