Thursday, December 27, 2007

i sewed on a button

woohoo i sewed on a button. i haven't sewn in a very long time, mainly because (1) it was so traumatic when i took home ec back in grade school and (2) i haven't really had the need. yes, in grades 6-8, i took unified arts, a class divided into 3 sections: woodworking, arts and crafts, and home economics. i loved woodworking and arts and crafts (well, "love" might be a strong word for arts and crafts) but i loathed home economics. the teacher, ms. donovan, had some pretty strange rules, like no salt *AT ALL* in any dish. if the recipe called for salt, you'd skip it. we produced some bland, bland dishes.

the home ec final sewing project required us to sew a complicated pattern and create something wonderful. being into basketball at the time, i chose to sew a plush basketball. it was supposed to turn out something like this:

but instead it turned out looking more like a deformed pumpkin. i think ms donovan, with her sense of humor, told me that it was the most original plush basketball she had ever seen. i tried to find it in my parents' house so i could share with you, dear reader. but alas, it seems to have bounced off (or maybe it was mistakenly carved).

ANYWAY, sewing. so i needed to sew a button on a jacket. what did i do? i went to my good friend youtube and found this video:

it was exactly what i needed. my button is back in service.


bea said...

In my home ec class in 7th grade I picked out an 'ice cream sundae in a glass' pillow that was a birthday gift for my brother paul--it ended up looking like a half-crescent moon on one side, and a bumpy cluster of grapes on the other, and no indication of what the original design was supposed to be.

However, I did do a mean omelette. :)

Marria said...

No salt?! That seems like some form of child abuse ;-)

I thought my home ec class was kind of fun. I still remember some of the things we made - like apple turnovers, stuffed shells, and even donuts!