Thursday, August 31, 2006

no i don't smoke

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recently i've gotten quite a few requests for cigarettes, even when there are many other people to ask around me. in addition, when at the doctor a few months back the nurse said to me "you smoke don't you?"

no i don't smoke, and i don't carry cigarettes.

there are three good explanations for these queries. one, suggested to me, is that it's my glasses. my red and black glasses supposedly give me a european look, and the impression is that europeans smoke a lot, so ask the guy with the weird glasses.

the second explanation is that i look sickly and thin, a look some people associate with smokers. now this disturbs me. i have been prodded from time to time to improve on my thin look and somewhat unhealthy eating habits (i suspect many people reading this are said prodders). maybe i am a bit sickly. anyway i'm trying to look healthier.. one step at a time... and the steps are small and slow, remember i'm sickly.

finally, the the third explanation is that it's random and i shouldn't think so much about it. i like that one.

who is more likely to smoke in this picture?

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sana said...

haha you don't look sickly! being skinny is a good thing i suppose.... hmm... maybe you have a lighter on your keychain. or carry brian and ummni's matches around...

sana :)

hkm said...

do you carry altoids with you?

James said...

So when you visited Japan, I gave Eric a description of you and Halldor. I think I told him to look for a Viking with a beer belly standing next to a guy resembling a broomstick. The description must be accurate since he found the two of you.