Thursday, August 24, 2006

my band: black granite

while cleaning my sister's new place, my cousins jazib and sahir and i came up with the name of our new band: black granite (inspired by my sister's countertops).

we're working on the music but i wanted to show all of you our next album cover, courtesy of jazib:
some possible lyrics (sung in a death metal sorta way):

black granite
tenth planet
we're the reason that pluto has vanished

we're working on it ;)


Jazib said...

Aaaahaahaha BRILLIANT lyrics!


James said...

Wait... what genre of music is this? And what instrument do you play? You need an agent?

twm said...

Can I join? I can play tambourines. Tho I don't think tambourine really jives with the sound of BLACK GRANITE.

hkm said...

that font is SO FUNNY!