Tuesday, July 04, 2006

an inconvenient truth

i saw an inconvenient truth this weekend, and it was fantastic. before i saw the movie i thought that a movie which is mostly a multimedia presentation by al gore would be boring and stupid... i thought i'd fall asleep.

i didn't, and i was completely stoked to help out in some way after seeing gore's moving presentation.

that's where the movie failed.. at the very end, gore disappears and suggestions for what you can do are posted along with the credits. that sucked. gore should've said way more about this.. a whole section of the movie should've been devoted to that, because let me tell you i wasn't the only person who at the end of the movie was really ready to help out and wanted suggestions.

anyway when i went to the movie's website (climatecrisis.net) i found some links that indicate how you can help.

calculate a rough estimate of your contribution to the global warming crisis here

read some things you can do about the problem here

as an aside, i found it really funny how much they showed gore working on the presentation on his nice little mac. moving around slides and building slides. gore came across as quite mac savvy :)

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Neha said...

see, don't you want one? if al gore has a mac they must be cool!