Sunday, July 16, 2006

sitting in the bathroom vs being out on the town

as you live your life the moments that trail behind you accumulate and define your character. that character is evoked by how you act and how you're perceived.

when i think of my life as a series of moments that accumulate to define who i am (ie history matters, you are stuck with your past) inevitably i start to wonder which moments are most valuable. tonight i was thinking about going out on the town.

going out is fun, no doubt. you meet people, talk about their ideas, your ideas, the world, soccer, chit chat. sometimes it isn't fun... those times, the minutes were essentially thrown away, seemed useless, boring, unenjoyable.

now consider the bathroom. a great place for thoughts! alone time! reflecting. in some cases quite a bit more fun than an awful night. and don't forget the relief!

so in this calculus of character building, of who you are, how do things stack up? the thing i've considered is the potential of each situation. the bathroom is very structured. sure, i may have a eureka moment. but its positive (and negative) potential to change my character is likely quite small.

so in this calculus, for me, bathroom loses. which jives nicely with my normal thoughts, which are that a nice sauvignon blanc and conversation are wonderful, wonderful things.

ps: i think people are a lot more than just the accumulation and expression of their past moments. there's this potential to choose at each moment, and whether that choice is in a hip bar or a bathroom seems irrelevant. but the bathroom likely makes poor theatre.

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