Friday, June 30, 2006

lazy cats

these past two days i've been sick as a dog, and so i've stayed at home. it's good for the cats, because my roommate's away. i've played with them, pet them, fed them treats, and they, for the most part, have slept. i wonder what they think about, as they lie there, twitching.

raja gives me angry slits as i use the flash on him

zelda cannot be disturbed in her sleep. yesterday i saw her fall off this chair while sleeping

mika, the champion sleeper. if you pet her when she looks to be sleeping, she'll flip over and adjust into optimal petting position, all the while keeping her eyes closed

then there's me, sick and bored (no picture provided). i watched germany beat argentina on espn360, and i was sad, but the german keeper really was extraordinary in penalty kicks.

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twm said...

get well soon! have a cup of ginger tea!

as for the world cup.. the germans seem to be such cold players, and the argentinians play with so much heart. though i wanted to see how far the germans went - they're so efficient and calculated!

PS your cats are so big!

Halldor said...

Come on, in this tournament Germans have played with just as much heart as the Argentinians, although that may not have been the case in past tournaments. However, of course I'm rooting for Germans (I did after all live there for three years).

Hope you get well soon; or at least before you travel back into civilization here in "Old Europe"

omar said...

i have to agree with halldor re the german team... they seem to be quite lively and fun this time around. i think it's their coach, he seems very boyant. it must be because he lives in socal :)

now consider the 1982 germans.. they were a bunch of thugs. the cbc has a great writeup of that world cup here.

i'll be better for europe!

Neal K said...

All I can say is: