Sunday, July 30, 2006

iceland: the great outdoors

halldor took us on our long trip

we walked on precarious cliffs

and saw waterfalls

and drinking boxes

not to mention blue blue pools

and finally ended up on a glacier

you can see more here


twm said...

wow cool! my sister and i have always wanted to go to iceland! did u see bjork? :D

omar said...

you stick out the tongue, but we actually saw Sigur Rós, a big icelandic band. they were having a free concert in the park. there tunes are a bit down-trodden, so it got boring after an hour, but nonetheless fun.

we also saw the icelandic president, buying mikli's at a glasses store!

and the friend i stayed with told me that the other day, while buying clothes, bjork bumped into him.

iceland is a small place.

twm said...

i didn't stick out the tongue!! i am actually serious! bc we ordered all this material from the icelandic travel association and they kept on mentioning bjork and how she still lived there!

omar said...

i'm sorry i mistook :D, which is te universal sign of large-mouthed happiness with :P which is the universal sign of the tongue.

my apologies.



Halldor said...

Actually I was buying groceries when she bumped into me

hkm said...

AHHH! you went to iceland?! did you see bjork?

hkm said...


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