Friday, June 09, 2006

dealing with anger

this week i realized that i deal with my anger in a quite peculiar way, in the sense that it's quite different from how other people perhaps deal with their anger. i've created a graph below to illustrate:

i don't think this is good because it means the person or thing that is angering me gets almost no feedback until a point at which i express feedback in a strongly negative, labeled bad, way. i've drawn a normal person as linear, though i doubt the average person is linear. this is also bad for me because sometimes later on i realize that i was angry (my curve starts to look more "normal") and yet it's too late for me to give any feedback. the moment is lost.

i'm going to try and get away from this step function. it isn't good!


twm said...

wow omar! that's one cool paint (is it mspaint?) graph! all i can say is that i think quite a few people (and can i say men?) have similar step functions. Most of them would be angry but wouldn't show it until a point when they would just lambast me with all this negative feedback. whoa!!!

Sigga Sif said...

People have gotten Nobel prizes for step function graphs. Embrace the step function.