Sunday, June 11, 2006

broken social scene

i've told a lot of people about broken social scene, but now i want to announce it more widely: i love them! i bought their most recent album, "Yor Forgot It in People" and it's fantastic. you can listen to some of the songs here if you scroll down to the samples. what's amazing about the group is that they are a supergroup -- a conglomeration of many artists, with a few core artists directing the vision. the album really speaks to this diversity that's unified despite its wide scope, from soft, strictly instrumentals to really moving vocal pieces.

i especially like tracks 5,6 and 7 (this supports my theory that the best tracks on a cd are track 7 or thereabouts.... i strongly believe this!). track 6 is called "pacific theme" and it just makes me wish i was sitting down by the ocean relaxing and listening to a band (broken social scene would be ideal!).

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shawnkhan said...

I really like that Broken Social Scene is amazing and the best band in Canada I have seen in the indy music..

They always do things on their terms and never let people tell them what to do... This shows in the Broken Social Scene music, and the way they carry themselves in the music industry..

I remember when I first heard them on CBC radio they were so humble and amazing... One great thought about them is they always seem to blow everyone away..

The other band I have been really impressed with The New Pornographers, they are from Vancouver, BC..