Monday, May 29, 2006

my podcast lineup

over on winky's blog i just posted a comment that lists my favorite podcasts, and then i figured i wanted to spread my love of podcasts here.

i listen to so many podcasts. i've been doing this for almost a year now. here are the ones i like:

democracy now: great daily independent reporting show that really sticks it to US media and does a fantastic job covering the latest stories.

bbc's documentary archive: radio documentaries from the bbc. some are amazing.

bbc's in our time: it's always a discussion about some historical person or phenom. always fascinating, very scholarly, if you're into that. a recent show on john stuart mill was just great. i learned that his father essentially treated him as an educational experiment, and in fact jeremy bentham was his godfather.

kqed forum: discussion of topics of interest in america and abroad. a panel discusses a topic, and the last half of the show there are callers. quite good, though the host has a way of talking too loudly and hurting my ears at times.

cbc's quirks and quarks: bob mcdonald is amazing. he makes science so much fun. the recent segment on happiness was fantastic. "if you're looking for happiness, skip bulgaria.'

in addition, i listen to the new york times podcasts of their opinion columns. finally, a good search engine for podcasts is podzinger.


twm said...

I am listening to the last installation of Faultlines right now (from the BBC documentary archive). I feel a yen to get an ipod when I come home for vacation so I can listen to podcasts when I'm washing the dishes!

Anonymous said...

The Today programme from the BBC is probably my favourite podcast from the Beeb. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I care about my own country and what's happening there.

om said...

i'll tune into the "today" podcast when i want to here what's going on in britain, and also from a british perspective, thanks. i really like getting varying perspectives.. check out this page for a translation of the google new page for the arab world..