Tuesday, May 09, 2006

hakodate, japan

i'm now in hakodate, japan, where halldor and i are presenting a paper at the ap2pc workshop. my presentation went well, and i think i may have found someone who wants to do some quick collaboration.

today halldor and i browsed around the city. we went up to mount hakodate, which gives a spectacular view of the city.

while there, we saw a crow that let us get really close. i mistakenly insulted the crow, and now it's haunting me and halldor believes i'm cursed. i took a video of this close encounter i've uploaded it to google video. Here it is:


seema said...

that was funny! jeff choked on his breakfast.

mom and dad think crows are the ugliest bird around. dad says "crow is ugliest bird in india." but also "crow is considered ugly but intelligent. owl is considered stupid (like our next door neighbour)."

bea said...


that was great