Wednesday, January 23, 2008

boston trip soundtrack

i cannot sleep on planes. so i took this time to go through my ipod, which i hadn't done in quite a while. i compiled a list of songs that reflect my mood and musical taste (that's right, i love prince). i wanted to share this playlist with people, and this desire eventually landed me on this site which reviewed blog playlist embedding.

the author recommended imeem, which i used. it was still not easy! this could be way easier. but perhaps "they" don't want people making these playlists? anyway, listen to some of it below while it's available.

oh, and i put in the sitting meditation track i followed while on the plane. it's long but nice to follow if you have time. i don't expect many people will listen to that!

Link to standalone player


grant said...

Hey Omar,

This is pretty awesome. How is this legal? (Or is it?).

It's fun working to your music--except that meditation track, that was a little odd.


omar said...

on legality: i'm not sure. i guess it depends on whether imeem has a deal with these artists.. supposedly they have a deal with lots of artists. you can't actually download any of these tracks without paying for them, and this gives artists exposure. anyway, i think it's a creative way of thinking outside the box of selling CDs and itunes. i also think is a cool idea too, check that out.

the button on the left of the player (looks like a stop button?) can be used to disable tracks, so they are skipped. i think. that might help with the meditation track :)

seema said...

um i love the meditation track and may listen to it right now!