Friday, April 20, 2007

random thoughts

i walk a lot. in berkeley, in san francisco, i'm often on my feet. so it's been a bit hard going lately since i got back from australia, where my big toe was slightly crushed. a small bridge spanned the distance between the pontoon we were diving from, and the boat we took to the pontoon. this bridge would rock as the ocean moved, and it unfortunately rocked onto my big toe, and smothered it. what pain. one of the workers at the pontoon came by, told me to be careful, and said it'd be alright.

well, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be ok, but i've been walking a bit funny to adjust for the still dull pain in that toe. sigh.

anyway, as i was walking back to my home today, my mind, for some odd reason, wandered to yoda (yes, the little green alien) and star wars episode three (the final movie). i was thinking that things would've been so much better had yoda taken ewen mcgregor to fight the emperor. stupid yoda. what random thoughts... but i just wondered about the misery that could've been avoided. :)

finally, i've read the recent new yorker article about parkour. for those of you that don't know, parkour is .. well, if you see this video you'll understand what it is:

anyway, it's so amazing to see this man move. in the article, david belle (the man behind parkour) says that he wanted to move like monkeys, and he certainly achieves that.

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