Sunday, April 22, 2007

the letter opener

we went to a handcrafted wood gallery while in australia, and some of the pieces were gorgeous. there were a lot of possibilities to take home, but as i remembered back to my best purchases from recent travel, i kept coming back to the things that made me fondly remember the trip... objects that to an uninterested viewer just appear to be what they are: for instance, a jacket, or a doorstop. but of course objects are links back into our memory. i've read that some scientists believe that our memory doesn't actually really forget very much at all -- rather, we lose the links to get to the memories. stranded memories.

of course, we've all had those aha moments when something random brings back a memory from the distant past. so then i thought it'd be great if i could surround myself with everyday objects that would bring back memories. and that's what i did in australia, with the purchase of a huon letter opener. check it out below:

huon is this wonderful wood that has such a distinctive smell. the smell is sort of like that of gasoline as you pump it into your car. i love that smell.

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twm said...

I think that's a great idea! To get things that will induce good memories! But don't we attach memories to objects whether we want to or not? i.e. an old piece of luggage?