Sunday, April 08, 2007


i haven't posted in a while, and there's no excuse. i just feel i haven't had much to say, and so i didn't want to waste time.

but now i have something to say. i have found a tv show on public television that i absolutely must tell everyone about (especially since many of my readers are in the bay area). the show is called imagemakers, and it's on kqed. the producers get short films from around the world and show them. imagemakers is only 30 minutes, so sometimes there is just one movie, but other times there are multiple very short films.

and they are great! ok, well, many of them. here's a very short one called consent that i saw the other day. a blurb about it first: "From Jason Reitman (the director of In God We Trust, one of ImageMakers' most popular films) comes a clever take on urban love. Two young adults with the hots for each other find themselves alone in bed for the first time. What's to stop them from doing it? As they soon find out, in this litigious society, nothing is as easy as it once was." (note: to preview button will show a preview on this page, but if you want to watch the whole thing you'll be taken to another website)

actually, it turns out that a lot of these short films are available online. i found the site atomfilms which seems to host a bunch of good short films.

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