Thursday, November 23, 2006

night at home

tonight raja and i stayed in and drank chardonnay and watched the L word. now, i haven't seriously had any chardonnay in quite a while; i went off chardonnay a while back because i just hated the way the smell knocked me over the head: "i'm chardonnay -- pay attention to me!"

however, my friend gave me a bottle a recently and so i decided i would give it a try. the big oak (vanilla) and creaminess flavors definitely hit my nose, and they were nice! i really enjoy this bottle. i'm back on the chardonnay bandwagon, at least for a bit.

now the L word: the show is about a bunch of lesbians living in los angeles. it has some interesting characters, but my overall feeling is that i could drop it at any moment. not compelling enough. i like how they did a bit more with shane in the 4th episode. hopefully they pursue that (i haven't made it past episode 4). i'm not liking the main couple, to be honest. but i'll continue with it for a bit.


James said...

Are you still on the 1st season? I watched a few episodes, and it wasn't that good for me. Probably because I don't know any hot lesbians...

twm said...

oh! speaking of drinking - over the last couple of months, I've really gotten into drinking sake! The dry pungent kind you have cold? Anyways, I was listening to the KCRW good food podcast - and they have a new sake store in San Francisco? Apparently with a lot of selection!

PS I've never heard of the L Word before! Goes to show how behind the times I am on television!

PPS Do you have any new podcasts you've been listening to?