Saturday, January 07, 2006

Woman Prank-Calls Firemen 4,000 Times

i saw this article, which i found very funny, while traveling in costa rica. i couldn't find a copy on the internet, so i decided to transcript it myself. it's from the Tico Times, an english-lang publication in Costa Rica. i think the last paragraph is best, but you need to read it all...

MANAGUA (EFE) -- A 22-year-old woman living near the capital reportedly made more than 4,000 prank-calls to the local fire department in just one week to report false emergencies or make jokes, according to a complaint from firemen in Tipitada, 20 km north of Managua.

Fireman Humberto Garcia claims that a woman identified as Dalila Lira made the repeated calls to emergency numbers 115 and 911, which are toll-free numbers.

"Psychologically, we are tired of this," Garcia said. "She calls every one or two minutes and says she is Johana, Argentina, Lucila, or just to ask us how we are doing. Sometimes she mentions which of us she likes the best, because she knows our names, and says she is going to make our lives impossible."

For example, Garcia added, last Friday Lira reportedly started calling the station at 6:30 a.m. and did not stop calling until 10:30 at night. Garcia said that the caller's identity was discovered with the help of the phone company.

The alleged caller's sister argues the firemen are also to blame because they flirt on the phone.



Anonymous said...

Hello Omar: I live in Managua, Nicaragua and work for the biggest newspaper here, I am always informed of what is happening here, I don't receive cables news directly but I am in constant touch with people that does -and is always talking about the bizarre news that they get-. It is interesting that this story hasn't been published here -in the local press- or at least known in any way, because here when this kind of stories happen -and they do with some frecuency- everybody knows (is a little country), the police and firemen go to the news or newspaper complaining...about kids or people without nothing better to do.. than making "phony phone calls" ...

Anonymous said...

Ahh and I almost forget.. next time.. come to Nicaragua too :) .. is as beautiful (even more I would say) as Costa Rica! Check: