Monday, January 23, 2006

Voting in Eastern Canada?

from cbc

The only reported election glitch on Monday occurred in Eastern Canada. At a polling station in New Glasgow, N.S., a man took off with a ballot box.

Just after noon, the man ran into a polling station in the town's stadium and tried to grab two boxes. An election official snatched one, but the man made it out with the other one under his arm.

"The suspect actually went to the parking area, placed the box down on the ground and actually used his own personal vehicle [and] drove over the Elections Canada box," said Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow police.

The man sped away. However, officers picked him a little while later.

Although the box was flattened, no ballots were destroyed. Scrutineers watched as the deputy returning officer transferred all of the ballots into a new box.

what was this man thinking? it sounds like a drunken dare! with stiff consequences... results for the election soon..



twm said...

Omg! That is so funny!! This is my maiden comment to your blog, seeing that you are such an active participant on my blog!

I can just picture this man in a rage, thinking "damn! im just going to DRIVE over the ballot box" What fun! This is why I love the east coast so much!

omar said...

thanks for coming over to my blog. it isn't yet as entertaining or heartfelt as your's, but i'm working on it...

if i was this man and wanted to show disgust for the election process but not destroy the ballots (though maybe he thinks that driving over a box full of paper will destroy the paper i dunno..) i would've peed on the ballots. of course, he could've easily been napped while in the process.

but what do they do at that point? call people in, show them the pee-encrusted ballot and ask: is this your ballot?

hehehe.. only in my strange and odd world.