Monday, November 14, 2005

i need a karaoke song

... and now for something a little more cheerful ...

on saturday i did karaoke with a bunch of people in a private karaoke room. we were singing in celebration of vijay's birthday. it was lots of fun. belting out eighties songs (well, there were other options, but i got into the 80s), realizing that the words to many songs make no sense, and watching random images associated with the songs was all quite amusing.

however, i realize i don't really have a *song* of my own. something that at the drop of a hat i could sing loudly and confidently. i need one. i need to take my karaoke to the next level!

what's your karaoke song?

photo courtesy of misha


seema said...

i will make some suggestions:

purple rain - prince!
eat it - wierd al
jump jump - this is mine, kris kross rules!

or of course, u could sing like those 2 cool chinese guys - backstreet boys! i love that song!

bea said...


You need to come to London--karaoke with me fool:

my song: Jay-z's "Can I get a..."

Imagine a short vietnamese girl spitting that out like 'hot fire', son.

oscar said...

i just get others to belt out Joy to the World by Three Dog Night at the top of their lungs. it's fun. usually. there is one guy i'd never have sing it again. it kinda hurt the eardrums a bit. but... he WAS having fun.