Wednesday, November 30, 2005

activist video game

while flying to hawaii, and between islands, i had a chance to listen to many podcasts. one that particularly interested me was the On The Media podcast from November 25th. at the end of their show, they talked to Ivan Marovic, an activist who helped topple Milosevic, and is now helping activists around the world build more effective movements.

the interesting part of the podcast came when Ivan started talking about a video game he was helping build that was targetted at people interested in activism. Ivan said:
This game, I think the working title is "A Force More Powerful," is a game where a player will be able to organize a mass movement against a dictatorship. It's going to be violent game with prosecutions, with arrests, with kidnapping. The only person that will not be allowed to be violent is the player. (link)
Here's some more links:
a windows media video demoing the game
the game company producing the game, BreakAway Games
Fortune article about Ivan

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