Monday, August 29, 2005

first day at school: midday

went to lunch with some theory students. they were quite nice, and showed me some of the interesting and affordable restaurants near the cs building. i learned about colloqiums and seminars and events and mailing lists that i should connect with. day improving.

after lunch i went to a class on internet architecture. i honestly wasn't sure what this class was going to be about -- i was thinking everything from hardware up to what's below the application layer in the network stack. turns out it's about redesigning the internet's transport layer to make it address the demands of modern applications and the realities of today's internet: quality of service issues, ddos attacks, etc.. the professor really wants us to understand the complicated problems that go into redesigning the internet, and hopefully make some proposals that show we're educated about the difficulties in this area. lots of participation, lots of debates, lots of talking.. seems fun, but i feel very unqualified.

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