Thursday, April 03, 2008

jet lagged, but well-fed, in london

i am in london and so happy to be back. it was so vibrant last night that despite my jetlag i felt the energy. as i lie awake in the hotel room, here are some pictures:

being tax season, i was amused by the name of this small cafe. i definitely need coffee, and usually something stronger, when i deal with amt.

but now onto eating. i thought i'd be doing my best eating while in florence, but bea certainly knows how to make someone feel welcome after a long flight. she brought me all this food, and i dipped into all of it. oh, and the food included the famous cupcakes, but i ate that before even thinking about taking a picture :)

here's the spread. quiche, sandwich in plastic wrap, fruit salad, some meaty tasty thing, and a muffin!

i really felt quite upside down when i was eating -- topsy turvy with both joy and jetlag.

more food hiding in the bag. it doesn't want to be eaten but it knows it will be!
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