Friday, April 04, 2008

food and fun in london

bea and franz had the idea that szechwan food was in order for friday night. so most of the staff and me went out to eat. the food was fantastic! but there was one dish that was pure torture, pictured below:

if you're wondering what those red things are, they are red chilis. this was a dish labeled chicken with red chili but more accurately would be chili with chicken. the chili were strong, and you couldn't help but eat at least 5 during the meal. the NZ sauv blanc really helped, but i'm still a bit smoking.

to give you a sense of how serious szechwan food is, consider this fish in broth dish. before delivering this dish to our table, the server scooped out hundreds of red chilis. i guess they add flavor.. the peppercorn-like spices in this dish numbed my face, but the flavors were well worth it.

here's bea and franz, looking happy after a happy meal :)

and here i am, happy and blurry after a tasty meal and drinks out. i wish i could come to london more regularly
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Anonymous said...

ah. looks like there was a sort of food fight going on there at the dinner table. the number of chili in those dishes is insane!

did you know that some of the really spicy chili's from szechuan are forbidden in the U.S. because they actually do damage to the body? u are going to have so much fun when you pass the stuff out through the other end ! :)

neha said...

ew to anonymous.

i recognize that blazer!

bea said...

To Anonymous,

That's a fallacy--the Sichuan Pepper that was illegal in the US for a couple of years, was due to a possible agricultural scare of citrus canker.

The Pepper is misnamed as it's not a chili---it's the flower of a particular citrus plant that gives that moisture-sucking tangy, tingly feeling on the lips and tongue.

Anyway, I can't wait to go again!