Wednesday, March 19, 2008

date ideas

a friend of mine is going on a date, an early date (not the first date!), the "getting to know you better" date. criteria: date should be fun, possibly creative! so i whipped out some thoughts, which my friend suggested i share more widely. anyway, i think these are all great things to do not just on a date but in any situation where you want to have possibly unique fun in the city:

please add your suggests in the comments!
  • what about golden gate park? there are such great places to walk there. you make sure the de young is somewhere on the walk.. you don't pay for the museum, instead you go up to the observatory tower (free) and look out at the city. simply fantastic
  • if you want something a bit more secluded, do buena vista park. wonderful walk up there (only during the day, don't be there at night, i hear).. you must take a hat though because it gets quite windy and you don't want to freeze
  • want to include a car in the game? do the "rediscover sf" tour by following the 40 mile or whatever number it is route.. go to twin peaks, go to the presidio, go to the palace of fine arts. spend a bit of time in each place, a bit of time in the car. you each bring some CDs and each car jaunt one person picks a cd and plays a few songs. this way you get outdoors and indoors
  • ok, if you do more a night thing, then i recommend getting wine at the hidden vine during some portion of the night. it's a small place but really cozy and romantic. i've had many a good time there
  • playing carnival-like games seems like a fun thing to do on an early date. unfortunately, i don't know where you go around here to get that, but i toss out that idea
  • are the two of you "into" something? a variation of the car tour.. each of you could pick a theme and then devise a map of the city to point out that theme. you guys share maps and see how you could both integrate your themed experience into one experience that mixes both and lets each person share.. or you could do one at a time.. but i think sharing is good, especially early on..
  • volunteer somewhere together (recall this is a brain dump, my fingers pushed that out, i refuse to backspace)
  • bike somewhere. take your bike to sausalito, or across the GG bridge, or go to the south west part of town and do the loop down there around the lake.. or go to the embarcadero.
  • oh my god coit tower is the most beautiful place.. i think.. if it's a sunny day.
  • ok now i'm going to bed. you'll think of something!


neha said...

we've done several of those things! i like the idea of doing a scenic walk, coupled with planned stops at nice places for ice cream, coffee, wine, and lunch.

there's also seeing a movie at the parkway theater in oakland, it's more casual and you can order food and beer.

also everyone i know who's done it LOVES biking across the golden gate to sausalito, so if you can do that, do it!

diggyG said...

How about a kite flying date? I can't say I know of a good place to do that in SF... but it was pretty windy when I visited.

omar said...

neha: i want to do that bike! i need to get up there one day and just do it.

diggyg: flying a kite is a fantastic idea. in fact, up by fort mason center there's a track of green lawn that consistently has kite flyers. i haven't flown a kite in years, so that'd be a great place to try it out.

adj said...

these sound like good ideas! except be a little leery of the car one, depending on how well you know the person through friends etc... i once had a first date who was an awful driver. he tried to turn left into oncoming traffic and claimed "things are different in the south bay!"

as far as i know, an unprotected green light means turning left involves oncoming traffic anywhere in the states.

btw, i'm now using goog reader and have added you. blame neha for talking it up :P

omar said...

ha adj yeah i certainly wouldn't do the driving one on a first date.. i clarified that in the post.

on your green light comment: oddly enough, when i lived down in the south bay, you didn't see many unprotected green lights. of course, coming from the east coast, where left turn greens are less common (at least in ny where i was, and in tdot) you got used to unprotected greens. i saw a number of people driving in the south bay not handling unprotected greens in an effective way.

on another note, someone who read this post mentioned the legion of honor, and the path from the legion down to the ocean, which he said was breathtaking and quite romantic.

sarahnity said...

Great ideas, Omar! I've been meaning to write a blog entry on frugal dating ideas some day. When I get around to it, I'm sure I will steal some of these. ;-)

Radha said...

A walk in Muir Woods was one of my favorite things to do when I lived out there!