Sunday, September 02, 2007

my indian shirts

what will i do next? if the midge mating rituals weren't enough for you, then welcome to the 'omar wears bad indian shirts' show. in india, i kind of got carried away with the clothing prices, and the styles, and bought far too many custom tailored shirts. they fit.. well, like they should if i were in india.

below are three shirts that, in retrospect, as i cleansed the closet, will never see the light of day on me. only the light of this blog. goodwilling, they'll find a home.

you can see the dumbfounded look on my face above. and this was perhaps the least horrible shirt.

looking at this pink shirt picture now, i see hints of my father. it scares me.

and this is by far the ... well, you be the judge.


neha said...

I don't think it's clear that the third shirt is a python/snakeskin pattern. so i'm just stating that for the record.

gogirl said...

Now that I know the third shirt is a python/snakeskin pattern, I'm IN AWE... plus that one actually looks good on you. It's a keeper!

Grant said...

You should try them out in public some time. They may grow on you. I think that they look good (perhaps this betrays my fashion ignorance).

Maybe you could embroider a band name on them if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Leslie said...

Or you could embroider Grant's name on them and give them to him for Christmas... except for the python one, which looks awesome on you (and, if you don't keep it, I'll take it and lend it to you for "special" occasions).

Sigga Sif said...

I don't think the first two are that bad, but it's weird how the sleeves on all of them are too long for your hands. Is that the fashion in India?

omar said...

neha: thank you for pointing out yet more issues with the shirts :)

gogirl, leslie: in retrospect, i may keep the final shirt,for "special" occasions :)

grant: i think sigga points out something quite reasonable -- they seem to fit oddly. i called this the indian fit, though now as i look at another indian shirt i like, it seems to fit fine.. so go figure. i am happy to pass them your way though if the arms are too long for me,you'll just look more comical.

sigga: "that bad" :)