Saturday, May 19, 2007

writing vs knitting smack down

what am i creating when writing? today a friend commented to me that they knit because they love to create beautiful three dimensional objects. no doubt knitted things can be beautiful, but what about this writing?

what's amazing is that a small child can likely appreciate a beautifully knit object yet this text (whether it can be appreciated at all!) certainly can't be appreciated by a child. indeed, the following graph illustrates this point
that is all for now.


Sigga Sif said...

Nice graph! Very... professional? ;-)

The thing with kids and knitting, though, is that although they might appreciate a beautiful handknit item, it is not necessarily what an adult would find aesthetically pleasing. They could easily say "eew, no way I'm wearing that!" to an exquisite Norwegian mitten that took two months to knit on the tiniest of needles, but then get extremely excited about crazy pink scarves made in an hour using the ugliest fun fur novelty yarn that most of us would feel a stinging pain from looking at.

omar said...

very true. we are born with spatial reasoning skills and have to learn so much spatially when we're young that we can appreciate spatial things from quite a young age, whereas literacy is something quite different..

i got tired so i didn't draw my graph of the knitting thing but it would've just been shifted over, for as you say when we learn more we tend to better appreciate the intricacies. though some people still think ignorance is bliss.. can you ever look at those pink scarves, which are quite fun, the same way? would you want to?