Wednesday, May 09, 2007


an exciting night out with the cousin. we went to tokyo gogo and had some great sushi, and then neha went home and we proceeded elsewhere. had quite a bit of square one (100% certified organic rye vodka!). we met one of the founders of square one vodka at elixir on guerrero and 16th. good times, quiz night (every tuesday at 9pm)! do you know how many times princess leah kissed luke before kissing solo? i do!

the square one vodka woman bought me a free round, and it went down smoooooth. anyway, we were joking around and having a good time -- we joined her team and managed to climb to third place overall in quiz night, an impressive feat since our team did not appear until round 3 and hence had no points until round 3.

in sad news, at the end of the night our new friend realized that her wallet had been stolen, and likely by a woman who is frequenting mission bars and stealing easy pickings. so be warned!

but it was still good times and adventure. i'll never forget that the call sign for q is quebec (like the call sign for b is bravo) -- we thought q was queen. bad canadians.


Kimberly said...

Hi Omar, my associate found this post this AM...glad you liked Square One...we should form a trivia team.
Thanks for being so nice.

H. Joseph said...

And I'm glad you liked Elixir and our Quiz! I assure you I am working with the Mission Police to try and catch this woman. Please don't be affraid of the Mission or Elixir! We do all we can to make it a safe neighborhood. Cheers! H.