Tuesday, March 21, 2006

on the way to agra

yesterday we spent the first half of our day driving to agra along india's hiway system. what a fascinating place. it's under extreme development, and so people are everywhere on the hiway laying bricks, putting up metal barriers, and generally just leaping out in front of cars.

we saw many bulls, cows, horses, donkies and camels, all helping people build the hiway and transport goods.

then we stopped at either sikander's tomb or akbar's tomb... either way it was a tomb. when we got out of the car, we learned that our driver had arranged a guide.

this drove jeff crazy: he said that our driver should just be our driver, and not try to make random side deals that benefit him and are of questionable benefit to us. anyway, jeff would have none of the guide, and said that he'd walk alone if the guide came along. so we dropped the guide.

i don't remember much of this tomb. what i do remember are the giant wasp hives attached to the ceiling of the tomb. these things were massive! and the wasps were this beautiful golden color. i will remember to update these blog posts with pictures when i have a faster connection.

seema and jeff approach me in sikander's tomb

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