Saturday, March 18, 2006

arrived in delhi!

arrived in delhi last night... my first indian experience at the airport was this large flashing sign saying "DO NOT BRIBE." felt very indian, knowing my dad.

dad and jeff picked me up from the airport, which was quite nice because there were so many people and it was very confusing. as soon as i stepped outside into the delhi night, i could hardly breathe! the air was so bad!

we found our driver, raja. dad had hired raja to drive for us while in delhi... he seemed like a reasonable driver, he almost hit three separte bikers, which seemed the norm.

the hotel we're staying in is half built. i've attached some pictures below. the room itself is fine; probably just as nice as our decent hotel in paris. however, everything else is under construction! see the hole in the floor... that's for an elevator, we think.

i'm really jet-lagged.. slept only a few hours last night. hopefully i adjust soon!

i'll post more as i do stuff. today we're going to the red fort and the jama mosque, and something else.

NOTE: i couldn't post the photos, uploading was taking too long.

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