Saturday, February 11, 2006

your privacy, online

recently in the press there's been much discussion about online privacy. i wanted to get some reader feelings concerning this topic. for reference, a lot of this discussion has grown out the US government's recent efforts to get samples of query logs from the big internet search engines. See an article here.

how do you feel about the fact that whenever you do a query online, at most sites (google, yahoo, msn, and smaller services) , that query is retained, along with your ip address and other information like your cookie?

does this bother you?

do you actively clear your cookies and change your ip address from time to time?

are you worried about how that data is being used, or might be used in the future? if you are worried, and you more worried about how companies might use the data, or the fact that governments might be able to get access to much of the data?

if you aren't worried, why not?


twm said...

It bothers me when you mention it, but I'm not generally bothered. I'll probably clear out my cookies now that u mention it. I also have too much faith in my mac. I probably am not so bothered as well because I'm too ignorant! Ignorance is bliss!!!

hkm said...

oh! i didn't even know you could change your ip address! however, if i knew how to, i would i usually clear out my cookies once every 2 weeks or so!