Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Great Firewall of China, Our Complicity, and.. when you want to see US embarrassments, go to China..

two topics in this post, which are connected, but i'll leave that connecting to you and others...

the chinese internet presence is quite well calculated. they manipulate their citizenry and internet companies to achieve their goals of an internet under tight control, deemed suitable for consumption.

today there were hearings in washington where many of the participants took strong, and justifiable punches, at china and the complicit internet companies. you can find the transcripts here.

boing boing has an ok summary. i couldn't find a better summary with a quick search. but it certainly isn't very comprehensive.

but perhaps good timing for china: today a lot of new photos from abu ghraib were released by an australian news show. the chinese government loves to publish things the US government has trouble with. if you want to find out about problems in the US government, and you do searches online at google news or elsewhere, often times the most volatile content, that US news agencies won't print, are printed by the chinese media, which as we all know, is largely state run. often the text is quite problematic, but the pictures don't lie. so now i give you a link to some of the pictures from the prison, hosted on a chinese news site. WARNING: these pictures are disturbing. Link

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