Thursday, August 21, 2008

take my books, please!

tonight, while reading, i caught a glimpse of my bookshelf. why, i wondered, do i have so many books i care nothing for? books i'm done with, or never intend to start?

well, i plan to give these books away. but first i want to offer them to my friends. so, feel free to follow this link and put your name in the "Receiver" column if you'd like any of the books . add some comments if you want. the books aren't sorted in any manner. i just dumped the info into this spreadsheet.

and by all means, feel free to list your own books you'd like to give away.

i will be sure to get you your book(s) in a timely fashion (but don't expect amazon prime speeds!)


Webster Twelb said...

is this open for people from the phils and not your friends?

omar said...

ha well i'm not taking addresses.. just names. so it's really only open to my friends :)

but when i'm done handing out to friends, i'll donate the books. so non-friends will get to take part :)

neha said...

ahem. omar is giving away stolen books!!

omar said...

oy.. try to do anything good and it gets tripped up :)

neha, feel free to remove from the spreadsheet books you feel are your's. i'm sorry!