Saturday, May 03, 2008

baby mama, videoblogging and chompin the bit

tonight i saw baby mama with some friends. all the friends were women. i went to a chick flick with a bunch of women. warning bells? meanwhile, men all around me were cozying up to iron man, which looked far more appropriate for me.

but i baby mama'd anyway. and instead of typing up my thoughts, here's me, video blogging! what? yeah!

i have to work on my delivery. could use some plants behind my head. i'll work on presentation and the set, i promise, if you think this is worth doing.

finally, i chose a wolf parade song that i thought was an appropriate contrast to this one-shot, easy-does-it-margaret culture.


Richard Price said...

Love the video!

Jono said...

The video blog is great - I feel like I learned a lot more about you and the movie than if I'd have read something about it instead.

I think it has its cost though. I tried audioblogging way back (then blogger canceled it and I lost all my audioblogs) and I remember really struggling to keep a good delivery, no ahs, ums etc. It should be more lightweight to do, but I found I had to plan much more.

Having said that, you could probably say a lot more than you would have written (and having said that, people can read faster than people speak - so maybe automatic transcription really is the way to go).