Monday, November 19, 2007

i hate capital one (but not enough to call)

capital one is doing this ingeniously fiendish thing: they upgraded my card recently to some new rewards card and sent me lots of information about the card, in the mail. but now they are calling me to tell me about it.

imagine getting such a call from a real person. you'd be pretty pissed. but, they don't use a real person, they use an automated voice. if you're interested, you can press numbers and learn more and likely finally end up at a person. but who wants to wait when all you want to do is scream at them and tell them not to do this?

so instead, i just hang up. angry. but not as angry as if it were a human. and i think i heard more than i would've heard had it been a human (if it were a human i'd just get really angry and stop listening).

so good work capital one. bastards.


neha said...

maybe i should get you some yoga passes or something. breathe!

Dr. Clue said...

A little something from my site
expressing my love for Capital One.


Anonymous said...

I think they are the worst financial company behind BOA of course. Very very bad customer service. They will ask a million questions before they will even talk to you. And if you do get someone on the phone, be ready to hear a very strong accent. Don't let the low rates and funny commercials fool you. This is not the place for credit cards or any other financial products.

Ell Jee said...

I hope some one reads this and discontinues their relationship with Capital One. I paid off my latest balance in full 24 days before the due date. So I was livid when I had a balance due the next month. Turns out they accrue interest from the date the statement is printed ( I receive it 7 -9 days after the statement date). So in theory, you might never have the balance paid off.

This company is a prime example of why congress is trying to pass laws to protect the consumer.

Anonymous said...

Aftern numerous times trying to get someone form customer service to call me back - I eventually got a form letter in an email on my online account. It went like this, "Too bad so sad. Boo hoo. We won't do anything to assist you, but you are a valuable customer to us." Hypocrites. I've recently taking to bad mouthing them on Twitter. I feel like I'm out of options so I've canceled my account.

Anonymous said...

I have been a good customer with them for 11 years and for the first time in my life due to salary and hours being cut, I am having financial difficulties. I was up front with them and said that I wanted to make sure they got paid and could they combine their credit card with the unsecured loan of theirs (I have paid off two other loans early in the last 11 years) and take the term to the max which would lower my payments and help me out of a jam. Even with a credit score of 775 and a perfect history with them they said there is nothing they can do it is two seperate divisions. They would rather not get paid then work with me. What a horrible company. I am going to be all over the internet encouraging people to cut up their Capital One card and mail it to Leslie Spencer c/o Capital One Bank PO Box 85619 Richmond, VA 23285-5619. Make sure Capital One is NOT in your wallet. Thanks for letting me vent.