Saturday, August 18, 2007

feelin fake in sf?

neha has told me that sf feels so fake. i'm not sure what this means, and i don't think she knows either. but i do know that we were at a startup party last night, and man a lot of those people are drinking the funny punch. as one more sober individual put it: "we don't talk about the failures here." and yet so many fail!

amazingly, you can be a serial failure in startup land and still get funding, over and over. that's great because incubating the right ideas and executing effectively takes people with brains, experience, luck of course.. failure can be good. but then this got me feeling so disappointed about the art scene and its funding. artists, in a way, are entrepreneurs who just don't have access to the funding that tech startup people do. it's so sad! because virtually no one appreciates a failed startup but every piece of art, i think, has an audience. yes, every piece! you know where i'm going here so i'll stop now and go fund an artist.


Grant Schoenebeck said...

Every piece of art may have an audience, but the audience might be disgruntled. I would guess that often the only audience is the artist and even he is disgruntled (that is how my feeble attempts at art turn out).

There are a lot of terrible business ideas out there, but no fewer lousy pieces of art. While it does not help anyone to fund a poor business plan, funding poor art is not any better. When a lousy artist is funded, there is an opportunity cost of not funding one that would have produced better art.

But if you’d like to fund me, forget all the drivel above :)

omar said...

oh no doubt there are lots of lousy art projects. people invest in businesses with the hope of getting more money because they believe they can use that money. why would you invest in an artist? i think this is a harder question to answer, but after years of looking at stuff i really hate and really like, i think i'd get quite the satisfaction/happiness from investing in an artist doing work that i thought was interesting.

but i expect a lot of people (including me) don't really understand exactly how to value an art investment.

and no, i don't want to fund your art! i don't even know what it looks like! post a link