Thursday, February 22, 2007

make me a drink, and don't ask questions!

last weekend i was at bar called the orbit room with a number of people. it was a unique experience and i thought i'd yelp about it, because there was both good and bad. here's my review:
interesting drinks, but slow service and what attitude! perhaps not the best place to go on a saturday night. they only had one bartender, and it was really busy. when my girlfriend finally got to order, she just specified the flavors we wanted, and after much effort the bartender produced a fantastic fruity rum drink (but not like punch) that i enjoyed sooo much.

this only took 20 minutes!

as for the attitude: another one of us really wanted a drink with orange and mint flavors, and he told the next friend who was going up to brave the long wait and get us a round. this gallant soul returned after 10 minutes with no drinks, telling us that the bartender needed a new order because he objected to the orange and mint combination. supposedly, it's just not done...

now, if you read other yelp reviews of the orbit room, you'll find that some people love it, and some people hate it. anyway, in my review i thought it was a bit ridiculous that the bartender wouldn't try to make something that sounded pretty reasonable (orange and mint). anyway, i received the message on yelp below with the subject "reconsider your thoughts":
well, obviously the bartenders are more knowledgeable at mixing drinks then the custoemrs. so you shouldnt be angry or upset because they wouldnt make the drink. they obviously are more aware of what flavors would go together better than the average drinker. and if you said the first drink was amazing then you shouldve just trust it instead of trying to purposely upset them. they are artists and shouldnt be treated this way and i hate when people say things unfairly about them making them look badly, because you canst get a drink likethe way they make it anywhere else!
my personal feeling is that the customer is almost always right, and unless they ask for something totally out in left field, the idea of rejecting a request is just bad, in a service industry. at least discuss it! i will say this: i never want to work in the service industry, if i can help it.


neha said...


I've been downgraded. And I read about it on your blog. How cliche.

omar said...

fixed everywhere sorry! :)

what do you think of the orange mint fiasco!

neha said...

hmmm. i think people who appreciate quality occasionally don't understand how people could like something they perceive as lesser quality -- this reminds of Google; someone wanted to put parmesan on their shrimp pasta, and the chef was like "seafood and cheese do NOT go together."

It's unfortunate, but understandable. I can't stand bad wine anymore :)

P.S. the downgrade comment was a joke! a JOKE!