Saturday, January 06, 2007

be it resolved that ...

back in canada i used to do debating. i was reminded of this when i saw an interesting article in this week's new yorker about the intelligence squared u.s. organization. they arrange oxford union style debates between world-class debaters and experts on important topics. the debate written about in the article concerns the resolution: "hollywood has fueled anti-americanism abroad."

an oxford union style debate has three affirmative speakers and three opposition speakers. we'd do the same thing back in high school, usually in a parliamentary style. anyway, mild heckling was always encouraged and there were many good times. the debate resolutions would be serious (be it resolved that euthanasia should be legal in canada) to amusing (be it resolved that two plus two is not four) to odd (be it resolved that i fought the law and the law won).

i miss it. there must be debating groups in sf and berkeley. i'm going to find one.

i was trying to find a video example of a parliamentary or oxford union style debate when i stumbled upon this video of malcolm x talking at the oxford union. i'd never really seen much footage of him, and found it riveting.


James said...

Hmm... is it me or do people not make speeches like they used to? Maybe it's all these spinning infotainment craze, but I haven't seen any eloquent speeches lately. Sure, you don't expect anything golden to come out of george w., but seriously... not even a single one?

Anonymous said...

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