Monday, October 23, 2006

ah japan

i was browsing around flickr and saw this sunset in tokyo.

i really enjoyed japan, and wish i was there longer. i remember doing karaoke with halldor in hakodate -- i actually have a video of halldor in action singing "it wasn't me" by shaggy.

but that video is not online, and couldn't be without halldor's consent, so instead i'll give you the original video. just imagine replacing shaggy in this video with an icelander named halldor.


james said...

Man... that song brings back memories.

seema said...

what a foul video.


seema said...

oh and speaking of your friend halldor. it reminded me of iceland, which reminded me of the horrible article i read about iceland starting commercial whaleing again after repecting the ban on whaleing jeopardized species for over 20 years.

humph. ridiculous. who would even think to eat whale, for goddess' sake!?! what do u think omar?

omar said...

seema, two things:

1) i agree with you that it's a foul video. but i find shaggy so ridiculous as to be funny (plus i can never really understand what he's saying, which in itself is quite amusing). also, this song really has cultural relevance for people our age -- everyone remembers it, if not the details. it's one of those songs...

2) on whale: well, to be honest readers, i ate whale in japan. i actually didn't even think about the plight of whales (nor did i know much about it) until after i ate the whale and someone told me that whales are endangered, japan and iceland horribly kill many whales, etc..

personally, i agree that the whale hunt should be stopped. right now, the population of whales is growing/being sustained by the altruism of many nations, and iceland and japan (and i think another nordic country) are jeopardizing that situation by acting as free-riders. shame on them. and shame on me for eating whale.

Halldor said...

Ahhhhh the whaling issue.

Personally I think it was a really stupid decision for Iceland to start whaling, because it has no economic value for Iceland, and could potentially be very damaging for other sectors.

But as most of you have university degrees, you should respect the facts. The 2 species of whales that are being hunted are NOT in jeopardy, according to our researchers (especially given that they are only hunting a few animals). Of course you can debate from an emotional standpoint that whales should never be hunted, even if their is enough of them. But than do it based on emotional arguments, not because of a fiction that all whales will always be jeopardized