Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Stuff and BillMonk

i found billmonk today and i'm loving it. it seems to be mostly advertised as a way to share bills, but in fact you can upload info about your collection of stuff, and make it accessible publicly or to your friends.

anyway, i just entered in a bunch of ISBNs, UPCs and titles, and now i have a portion of my library listed online. you'll see an image of some of my stuff on the right. personally, i love been able to track my stuff, and show what i have to my friends. now my books aren't just collecting dust on the shelf (well, that is, they have *potential*).

for those of you in the bay area, if you see something you want to borrow, let me know and the next time i see you i'll hand it over. :)


Jean said...

I like's interface much better... you can do the same badge kinda thing, too. :) Plus you can share bookreviews.
Here is my collection:

omar said...

oh that is quite nice! i'll play with billmonk for a little but keep this on my list. i wish there was a nice way of getting all teh ASINs of my stuff and moving them around. i hate this lockdown feeling...

Vera Yin said...

hi omar, what an interesting book collection! i'd love to sit and rifle through sometime. for the time being i am in bulgaria, just finished a two-week paragliding course and hoping to do some mountain trekking before heading to istanbul at the end of the month. my blog is, of course, hopelessly out-of-date.